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Design your own villa/house and let us help you build your very own uniquely designed home .
If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own villa built overseas but never had the courage or the knowledge of how to go about this; you have come to the right place, Riviera Invest have been in the real estate business for several years and understand fully the type of worries and stresses involved in getting your own house/villa built.

Working with Riviera Invest will take all the stress and worries out of your hands.

The process is pretty straight forward

1st step finding a building plot

2nd step Architects drawing (Design) and Solicitors

3rd step Building permission from the relevant local governing bodies

4th step is to start your very own designed villa

5th Riviera Invest reporting system


1st step finding a building plot

Riviera Invest has many years of experience in the Alanya region, if you don’t know the area and haven’t got an idea of exactly what location you would like your villa/house built, in other words not sure if you want a seaside or rural (mountain house) we will take you on a guided tour (with a detailed map) of the area this will give you a better understanding and will give you a better feel of the area. Once you have narrowed down to a particular location we can then look at potential building plots.

2nd step Architects drawing (Design)

At this stage you may already have your own plans drawn up in this instant we would work on your existing plans. If you h aven’t got your own plan then we would sit with our architect and go through your ideal design, the architect will draw it to your exact specification by sticking with the current governments building allowance i.e. building density, height restrictions and so on. We will discuss the building specification and the interior design such as the kitchen worktop, bathroom tiles, flooring (tiles or wood) as well as the quality of these products. We would take you to a tiling shop where you will be able to choose the products and we will ensure these are fitted.

Your solicitor will then draw up a contract based on the specification and agreement; if you haven’t got your solicitor we would be happy to recommend you an English speaking solicitor here in Turkey.

At no particular stage, you will have the opportunity to see previous builds to see how your finished product would look like and the quality of the workmanship, this will give you a much better idea and the confidence in getting your own place built.

3rd Step - Building permission from the relevant local governing bodies.

At this stage the architect would have drawn your ideal place that fits in with the authorities building requirements, together with all the relevant paperwork we would apply for the building permission to be granted.

4th step is to start your very own designed villa

5th Riviera Invest reporting system and after sale service.

Throughout the duration of your villa been built we will send you a progress report together with images so that you are in the loop. At each stage your solicitor is also informed so that he/she will authorize the next payment to be released.

We strive to look after your best interest with our after sales service you will be given lifelong help and assistance with any of your real estate needs in Turkey. We have offices in Turkey and in England and are registered members of the Alanya Chamber of Commerce.

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